President Andrew Shepherd: How much do you make?
Sydney Ellen Wade: More than you do, Mr. President.
President Andrew Shepherd: The name is Andy. How much money do you make?

Mickey: You know what you are?
Rocky: No, what?
Mickey: A tomato.
Rocky: A tomato?
Mickey: Yeah, and I'm running a business here, not a goddamn soup kitchen.

This shit's bananas!


You with me, baby?

Buddy 'Aces' Israel

Who wants to send a message to Germany?

Fredrick Zoller

At the end of the day, this is a game of focus.


Clear the mechanism.

Billy Chapel

Ladies, we're gonna have some fun

Stuntman Mike

Liberius: [looking at the bodies of slain White soldiers, whom he was found to be teenagers] St. Michael's Military School?
Liberius: You old bastard!

Lucy Shepherd: Do you see it as part of your job to torture me?
President Andrew Shepherd: No, just one of the perks.

Earl Partridge: I'll tell you the greatest regret of my life: I let my love go.

I wanna live again!

George Bailey

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