Logan: The Professor can help, he can fix it.
Dr. Jean Grey: [as Dark Phoenix] I don't want to fix it!

You gonna let me outta here? I gotta pee.

Cain Marko

Danny: Does he make you laugh?
Tess: He doesn't make me cry.

The whole world's going to hell, you gonna just sit there?


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

The President

Flynn: Where's Doyle?
Tammy: It's... just us.

You said you saw mom die!


Scarlet: You look a little pale.
Doyle: Blood makes me nauseous.

Scarlet: it all makes sense. they're executing code red. Step 1: kill the infected. Step 2: containment. if containment cannot be done then, step 3: extermination

Did I hear that code red or am I losing my shit.


Jack: [waving to people as the TITANIC sets off] Goodbye!
Fabrizio: You know somebody?
Jack: Of course not! That's the point! Goodbye, I'll miss you!
Fabrizio: Goodbye! I'm gonna never forget you!

If you ever disrespect my wife again, I will end you. I will fucking end you. You got that, chief?


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