John Rawlins: Where about you from?
Trip: I'm from around Tennessee. I ran away when I was 12 years old and I ain't never looked back.
Sharts: What ya doin' since then?
Trip: I run for President.
Trip: I ain't winning, though.

There are no f*cking demi-gods!

Father Horvak

Look at my face; I was not thinking anything bad about you.

Lynn Sear

We've anxiously awaited your return my liege.


Merrill: Good enough for me.
Graham Hess: Me too.

Hey! This is not your toy to play with every time I turn around!

Ronnie Neary

Skylar: What if I said I wouldn't have sex with you again till I got to meet your friends, what would you say?
Will: I'd say it's four-thirty in the morning, they're probably up.

The dead know only one thing

Private Joker

Some people think the Crucifixion only took place on Calvary. Well, they better wise up!

Father Barry

I told myself I can pass any test a man can pass.

Jake Sully

Colonel, there's a native doing the funky chicken.

Bulldozer Pilot

Reepicheep: We were expecting someone taller!
Trumpkin: You're one to talk.

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