Jane Smith: There's this huge space between us, and it just keeps filling up with everything that we *don't* say to each other. What's that called?
Marriage Counselor: Marriage.

Kevin: Well, you're all I think about.
Leslie: Me?
Kevin: And I think the reason I'm not interested in other women, and why I haven't had sex in so long, is because I'm desperately, completely in love with you.

I think she's the saddest girl to ever to hold a martini.


Aragorn: I swore to protect you.
Frodo: Can you protect me from yourself?

David: Do you remember what you told me once? That every passing minute is a another chance to turn it all around.
Sofía: I'll find you again.
David: I'll see you in another life... when we are both cats.

He never watched television, and yet his biggest magazine is still the TV Digest.


You're retiring, six more days and you're all the way gone.

Police Captain

Even in my dreams, I'm an idiot who knows he's about to wake up to reality.


I visited your home this morning after you'd left. I tried to play husband. I tried to taste the life of a simple man. It didn't work out, so I took a souvenir... her pretty head.

John Doe

Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.


Marriage Counselor: How often do you have sex?
Jane Smith: I don't understand the question.

David Mills: Hey, loser.
Tracy Mills: Hi, idiot.

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