You blew up my car. I loved that car.
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Dr. John Cawley

Chuck Aule: How we doing this morning?
Teddy Daniels: Good, and you?
Chuck Aule: Can't complain.
Teddy Daniels: So what's our next move?
Chuck Aule: You tell me.
Teddy Daniels: I gotta get off this rock, Chuck. Get back to the mainland. Whatever the hell's going on here, it's bad. Don't worry partner, they're not gonna catch us.
Chuck Aule: That's right, we're too smart for em.
Teddy Daniels: Yeah, we are, aren't we. You know, this place makes me wonder.
Chuck Aule: Yeah, what's that, boss?
Teddy Daniels: Which would be worse, to live as a monster or to die as a good man?
Chuck Aule: Teddy.
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Why are you all wet, baby?
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Teddy Daniels

We gotta get off this rock, Chuck.
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Teddy Daniels

I wonder, is it better to live like a monster, or die a good man?

Teddy Daniels

Someone reminded me I once said "Greed is good". Now it seems it's legal. Because everyone is drinking the same Kool Aid.

Gordon Gekko

If it weren't for people who took risks, where would we be in this world?

Jacob Moore

Why don't you start calling me Gordon?

Gordon Gekko

He's not who you think he is Jake!

Winnie Gekko

There's so much you don't know, Jacob...

Lewis Zabel

Jacob Moore: Is this a threat?
Gordon Gekko: Absolutely.

They took my life - and when I got out - who's waiting for me? Nobody!

Gordon Gekko

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