Payback. Except I'm not in that business anymore - because the one thing I learned in jail is that money is not the prime asset in life. Time is.

Gordon Gekko

It's easy to get in - it's hard to get out.

Gordon Gekko

The mother of all evil is speculation.

Gordon Gekko

Idealism kills every deal.

Gordon Gekko

Stop telling lies about me and I'll stop telling the truth about you.

Gordon Gekko

Bretton James: I'm afraid the motorcycle ride is going to cost your severance pay.
Jacob Moore: Fuck you, James!

So, does Blue Horseshoe still love Anacott Steel?

Bud Fox

Bulls make money. Bears make money. Pigs? They get slaughtered.

Gordon Gekko

Fuck you, Bretton!

Jacob Moore

[Talking about the physical stature of he and his twin] I'm 6'5", 220 pounds, and there are two of me.

Tyler Winklevoss

Marylin Delpy: The site got 2200 hits within 2 hours?
Mark Zuckerberg: Thousand.
Marylin Delpy: I'm sorry?
Mark Zuckerberg: Twenty-two *thousand*.

Sean Parker: One suggestion: Get rid of the "the". Just *Facebook*. Flows better.

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