Lionel Logue: Do you know the "f" word?
King George VI: Ffff... fornication?

Mameha: He saved you're life
Sayuri Nitta: So now he owns it?

I told her to write coats! Not commodes!

Hilly Holbrook

Ben Wade: Women will do things you'd never imagine.
Doc Potter: They'll give you a disease you'd never imagine.

You're a fascist pig!

Theodore Faron

Oz: Am I dreaming?
Theodora: You're in Oz.

[seeing his "sail" fall over] This could work! This could work...

Chuck Noland

Let's make some fuckin' money, folks.

Rick Spector

Be sure your sin will find you out.

Walter Sparrow

Doctor: What makes you so sure the baby is a male?
Capitán Vidal: Don't fuck with me.

[to Tony Mendez] You need somebody who's a somebody to put their name on it. Somebody respectable. With credits. Who you can trust with classified information. Who will produce a fake movie. For free.

John Chambers

You’re in love. Have a beer.


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