[to 3Gs, about her dog] My Doctor says she's Bipolar.

Mercedes Harbont

[Comforting her dog, insulting the Englishman] Don't worry, Mary-Kate. His hair plugs can't hurt you.

Mercedes Harbont

Why exactly are there snakes on this plane?


Fucking dog. Fucking coach. Fucking Americans.


This shit's bananas!


Yeah, you like that! Baby got back, front, and side to side!

Three G's

Turn this big motherfucker left, Troy!

Neville Flynn

Who's your daddy now, bitch?


Do as I say and you'll live!

Neville Flynn

[to Sean] Go. Get out of here. Go!

Daniel Hayes

What was the first thing I ever said to you?

Neville Flynn

Fucking snake! Get off my dick!

Man Bitten on Penis

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