Well, those cheeseburgers were only the beginning because a breakfast system is on its way to Swallow Falls. My forecast? Sunny... side up!

Sam Sparks

[sees spaghetti tornado] Mamma mia.

Flint Lockwood

Glad I'm wearing a diaper.

'Baby' Brent

Holy crap balls.

Flint Lockwood

Hello Sam Sparks, I'm America!

Sam Sparks

You get one chance at the show, and if you don't make it, it's back to cleaning the barometers.

Sam Sparks

This tastes significantly better than sardines.

Joe Towne

Flying Car 2... now with wings!

Flint Lockwood

When it rains... you put on a coat.

Tim Lockwood

[flying from Neverland with his children] Thank you for believing.

Peter Banning

I can't drive, I'm a goose.

Goose Coachman

I have to see her again.

Prince Charming

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