Maggie Witzky

Lisa: Animal.
Tom Witzky: What'd I do this time?
Lisa: Should I tell him?
Maggie Witzky: If you wanna die!
Lisa: Well, your beer-addled sperm still works.

Maggie Witzky: LISA?
Lisa: You impregnated my sister again.
Maggie Witzky: BITCH!
Lisa: I thought you wanted me to tell him.
Maggie Witzky: Why, because I said don't?


Tom Witzky
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Jeff: So what do you guys think: Ancient Mayan temple off the beaten path?

We're being quarantined here. We're being kept here to die.


Stacy: Why are they doing this?
Jeff: It has something to do with the ruins.

[whispering in the dark] Donna. Oh, I've missed you.

Richard Fenton

Amy Fox: I'm sleeping in my clothes tonight.
David Fox: I'm sleeping in my shoes.

[on observing a snuff movie] I bet this gets the honeymooners in the mood.

David Fox

[about the room] We've had our tetanus shots... right?

Amy Fox

[having seen a snuff movie] At least they could've provided us with a little bit of porn.

David Fox

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