Sheila: You found me beautiful once.
Ash: Honey, you got real ugly.

Someone's in my fruit cellar! Someone with a fresh soooul!


They're here.

Carol Anne

Norman Bates: You-... you eat like a bird.
Marion Crane: [Looking around at the stuffed birds while eating] And you'd know, of course.
Norman Bates: No, not really. Anyway, I hear the expression 'eats like a bird' .... it-it's really a fals-fals-fals-fals-fals-ity. Because birds really eat a tremendous lot. But I-I don't really know anything about birds. My hobby is stuffing things. You know .... taxidermy.

The Stranger: Mr. and Mrs. Sheriff. So sweet. So helpless against what is coming.
Stella Oleson: He's just trying to freak us out.
Jake Oleson: It's working.

No, please don't kill me, Mr. Ghostface, I wanna be in the sequel!


That cold ain't the weather... that's death approaching.

The Stranger

Carolyn Stoddard: Are you stoned or something?
Barnabas Collins: They tried stoning me, my dear. It did not work.

[to Leatherface] You... you damn fool! You ruined the door! Ain't he got no pride in his home?

Old Man

You've fooled them, haven't you Michael? But not me.

Dr. Sam Loomis

Stuart: As if.
Randy: Oh, really, Alicia?

If you were the only suspect in a senseless bloodbath - would you be standing in the horror section?


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