Psychos can't kill what they can't find.


Stay lucky!


Stuart: As if.
Randy: Oh, really, Alicia?

Purgatory is over, you go to hell.

Eleanor "Nell" Vance

Today, five people will become one, with the goal of surviving.


Luba: What did you do?
Brit: You go first.

Wendy, I'm home.

Jack Torrance

Take me. Come into me. God damn you. Take me. Take me.

Father Damien Karras

Sidney Prescott: How do you gut someone?
Stu: You take a knife and you slit 'em from groin to sternum.
Billy: Hey. It's called tact, you fuck-rag.

Pregnant women are supposed to gain, not lose weight!

Edward "Hutch" Hutchins

Stuart: See it's a fun game Sidney. We ask you questions and if you get one wrong, BOO-GAH, you die.
Billy: You get one right, you die.

Bitch, hang up the phone and star-69 his ass!

Maureen Evans

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