This is an A and B conversation, so C yourself out of it


Honey, just cuz I talk slow doesn't mean I'm stupid.


Zhivago: What happens to a girl like that, when a man like you is finished with her?
Komarovski: You interested?
Zhivago: You shouldn't smoke. You've had a shock.
Komarovski: I give her to you, Yuri Andreevich. Wedding present.

Thanks for dinner. I've never seen potatoes cooked like that before.

Jonah Baldwin

Only one is a wanderer; two together are always going somewhere.


Its not on the one, its not the mambo, it's a feeling, a heartbeat.


Look, spaghetti arms. This is my dance space. This is your dance space. I don't go into yours, you don't go into mine. You gotta hold the frame.


Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Andie: Our love fern! You let it die!
Ben: No, honey, it's just sleeping.

Anybody see 'Battle of the 80's has-beens' last night? That Debbie Gibson can take a punch.

Alex Fletcher

Caliban: Hast thou not dropped from Heaven?
Stephano: Out of the moon, I do assure thee.

Can you tell I'm wearing underwear? 'Cause I totally am.


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