I need to speak to Caesar!


Apes together strong!


War has begun.


Caesar loves humans more than apes!


Ellie: It was a virus created by scientists in a lab. You can't honestly blame the apes?
Carver: Who the hell else am I going to blame? It was a simian flu. They already killed off half the planet.

[Aiming his shotgun at Blue Eyes] I don't take orders from monkeys!


[to Malcolm as they see the apes] That's a hell of lot more than eighty!


Malcolm: Who was that in the video?
Caesar: A good man... like you.

Koba: Caesar weak!
Caesar: Koba weaker.

What Is This Place?


Alby: My name is Alby. Now, can you tell me anything about yourself, who you are?
Thomas: What is this place?
Alby: Let me show you. Hope you're not afraid of heights. Let's go. Come on. This is all we got.
Thomas: What's out there?
Alby: We only have three rules. First, do your part. Second, never harm another Glader. Most importantly, never go beyond those walls.

Alby: Welcome to the Glade.
Thomas: Who put us here?
Alby: We don't know.

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