"Nine people missing. Property damage. Theft. But there are things happening around here that I can't explain."

Jack Lamb

Louis Dainard: "I saw it. No one believes me!"
Joe Lamb: "I believe you."

"If you're asking me if we have dangerous persons on board this train, I can assure you the answer is no."

Colonel Nelec

"I don't want anymore trouble, do you?"

Colonel Nelec

"We can't tell anyone we were there. We're not saying anything to anyone."

Alice Dainard

Jack Lamb: "I've got nothing against your friends, I like your friends. But things have obviously changed for us."
Joe Lamb: "I have to help Charles finish his movie."
Jack Lamb: "It'd be good for you to spend some time with kids who don't run around with cameras and monster makeup."

"We've got calls coming in from people who've found local dogs - but the calls aren't local. It's like they all just...ran away."

Deputy to Jack Lamb

Can we get another order of fries? My friend here is fat.


Drugs are so bad!


Production value!


That's Mint!


Anything I see in my mind, I can create...

Hal Jordan

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