Your Majesty...


Bring her to me... NOW!


Stinger: We need a plan.
Caine: We need firepower.

Jupiter Jones: Are those flying boots?
Caine: They harness the force of gravity, redirecting it into differential equation slips so you can surf.
Jupiter Jones: Yeah, I heard "gravity" and "surf".
Caine: Up is hard, Down is easy.
Jupiter Jones: Thank you, wow!

Jupiter Jones: Who are you?
Caine: I'm here to help you.

I will harvest that planet tomorrow, before I let her take it from me.


Some lives will always matter more than others...


It can be difficult for people from underdeveloped worlds to hear that their planet is not the only inhabited planet.


[to Caine] You're the perfect hunting machine


Caine: Your Majesty, I have more in common with a dog than I have with you.
Jupiter Jones: I love dogs, I've always loved dogs.

The arrogance of man is thinking that nature is in our control and not the other way around.

Dr. Ishiro Serizawa

We didn't run out of planes and television sets. We ran out of food.


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