...But goddamnit, those kids played out their heart. They gave everything they had! They played up to the *maximum* of their ability! They gave it everything. And you know, it wasn't good enough. It wasn't good enough for me, wasn't good enough for you, wasn't good enough for anybody!

Pete Bell

Boys, the rules don't make much sense. But I believe in the rules. Some of us broke them. I broke them. I can't do this. I can't win like this.

Pete Bell

There's two words I never thought I would say

Pete Bell

Think, think, think! It's the thinking man's game!

Pete Bell

I own you, Pete. You're mine!


Hey, hey, Winnaker, Winnaker, do you want me to get you a skirt? I'll get you a skirt if you keep playing like a girl!

Coach Don Haskins

[to Pat Riley] That's what happens when you don't talk to each other!

Adolph Rupp

[to Pat Riley] That's what you get for talking to him!

Adolph Rupp

He got game.

Michael Jordan

Let me tell you something son, you get that hatred out your heart, or you'll end up just another nigga, like your father.

Jake Shuttlesworth

We're the rail splitters and no body's fucking with us.


In here there's some money. Get some clothiong, toothpaste, deodorant, personal effects, whatever have you. Take a shower! Wash your ass!


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