Hey, unless you're gonna kiss me, get your hands off my ass.


And in the next life, father, I'M gonna have the PADDLE.


I've been in love with you since I was eleven, and the shit won't go away.


Maybe it's not racism. Maybe it's just placism. A brother needs to know his place.

Willie 'Alien' Beamen

Perfect. Fuck. Ok stay here and get... butt fucked by 12 Neanderthals. Bitch

Dr. Harvey Mandrake

I just wanna be pure, I just wanna be pure.

Jim Carroll

So that's it? Just forget about you and me?


[after noticing Monica at the dance] Damn, girl, I didn't know Nike made dresses.


It's a trip, you know? When you're a kid, you-you see the life you want, and it never crosses your mind that it's not gonna turn out that way.


You gotta have presence on the court. Presence like a cheetah rather than a chimp. Sure, they both got it, but Chimpy gotta jump his nuts around to get it. The shy cheetah moves with total nonchalance, stickin' it to them in his sexy, slow strut. Me? I play like a cheetah.


Double or nothing.


Offense sells tickets. Defense wins games !

Coach Davis

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