You'll play basketball my way. My way is hard.

Coach Don Haskins

[to Pat Riley] That's what happens when you don't talk to each other!

Adolph Rupp

[to Pat Riley] That's what you get for talking to him!

Adolph Rupp

He got game.

Michael Jordan

When making a business decision, the only color that matters is green.

Dom Pagnotti

Let me tell you something son, you get that hatred out your heart, or you'll end up just another nigga, like your father.

Jake Shuttlesworth

Basketball is like poetry in motion, cross the guy to the left, take him back to the right, he's fallin' back, then just J right in his face. Then you look at him and say, "What?"

Jesus Shuttlesworth

We're the rail splitters and no body's fucking with us.


In here there's some money. Get some clothiong, toothpaste, deodorant, personal effects, whatever have you. Take a shower! Wash your ass!


I pray you understand why I pushed you so hard! It was only to get you to that next level, Son. I mean, you's the first Shuttlesworth that's ever gonna make it out of these projects, and I was the one who who put the ball in your hand, Son! I put the ball in your crib!

Jake Shuttlesworth

That's why when somebody say, "when you get to the NBA, don't forget about me", and that stuff. Well, I should've said to them, "if I don't make it, don't you forget about me."

William Gates

It became more of a job than a sport to play.

William Gates

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