Will: Whoa, where's the rest?
Manager: You never met the quota.
Will: My units are up from last week.
Manager: So's the quota.

Philippe Weis: Of course, some think what we have is unfair -- the time difference between zones.
Will: I've heard that.
Philippe Weis: But, hasn't evolution always been unfair? It's always been survival of the fittest. This is merely Darwinian capitalism -- natural selection.
Will: Absolutely. The strong survive.

Sylvia: Please take me home.
Will: I can't do that.
Sylvia: Why?
Will: You're keeping me alive.

Hey, don't be afraid.


Fate didn't give a (expletive). Dead is dead.


(Expletive) faith. Earn it.


The last transformer blew. I think we hit oil, either way we's killin wolves!


We figure what way is south and we start walkin'.


How far would you go to take down a man who stole everything from you?

Joey Cassidy

Time is running out here, Nick.

Lydia Mercer

I am an innocent man!

Nick Cassidy

Make it rain.

Joey Cassidy

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