Will: Whoa, where's the rest?
Manager: You never met the quota.
Will: My units are up from last week.
Manager: So's the quota.

I'm ready to die. It's important that you understand that.

Nick Cassidy

Talk about genetic deficiencies-isn't that pitiful?


Make it rain.

Joey Cassidy

Bobby: I had my first wet dream in a sleepin' bag.
Ed: How was it?
Bobby: Great.
Bobby: There's no repeatin' it.

I am an innocent man!

Nick Cassidy

Bobby: Hey, what happens if we flip this thing over?
Lewis: Now that you brought that up, hang onto your paddle. And if you hit any rocks, don't hit 'em with your head.

Why do you go on these trips with me, Ed?


Time is running out here, Nick.

Lydia Mercer

Goddamn, you play a mean banjo.


Phillippe Weis: You put enough time in the wrong hands, you upset the whole system.
Will: Let's hope so.

I just want to be perfect.


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