Sarah: [Meg and Sarah are in the elevator trying to escape] What's going on?
Meg: People. In the house.

Meg: [Sarah is riding her scooter along her mother] Sarah, do you have to ride that here?
Sarah: Mom, we're in the street.

[after Junior breaks the mirror] That's seven years bad luck.


[When the cops are at the door] She just killed her own kid.


[as they are arguing over siphoning propane into the Panic Room] Shut the fuck up. There are people trying to sleep over there.


Stephen Altman: Meg, why are we doing this?
Meg: Because that's what its going to come to.

Sarah: What is it?
Meg: It's bad!

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Meg: Open the door so I can give her the shot.
Burnham: If we open the door you'll shoot us!
Meg: So give her the shot yourself!

Officer Keeney: You don't look so good ma'am.
Meg: And you, Officer Keeney, don't look so hot yourself.

[after swallowing a bunch of pills] All she's got is Nyquill and fucking Midol!


[looking through the medicine cabinet] How do you live in New York and not have a single percocet?


Why the hell didn't we do that?


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