Marin: Harry was once engaged to Diane Sawyer.
Zoe: Diane Sawyer? No way, I love her!
Erica Barry: That's wonderful!
Harry: Women your age love that about me.
Erica Barry: Ah.
Harry: No, that's a good thing.
Erica Barry: I'm sure you meant it as a compliment.
Harry: Yes, it was meant as a compliment.


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Something's Gotta Give
Harry Sanborn, Erica Jane Barry, Zoe Barry, Marin Barry
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Something's Gotta Give Quotes

Harry: I have never lied to you, I have always told you some version of the truth.
Erica Barry: The truth doesn't have versions, okay?

Julian Mercer: I knew you'd smell good.
Erica: It's just... soap.