Eben Olemaun: Hey, what do you say the two of us go outside and have a little talk, huh?
The Stranger: Now what's wrong... with a man... who want a little fresh meat?
Eben Olemaun: Come on. You and me. Let's go. I'm taking you outside.
The Stranger: I would like to see that.


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30 Days of Night
The Stranger, Eben Olemaun
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30 Days of Night Quotes

That cold ain't the weather... that's death approaching.

The Stranger

Eben Olemaun: We have more important things to think about. I'll check on Gus.
The Stranger: Check on Gus. Board the windows. Try to hide. They're coming. This time they're gonna take me with them. They're gonna honor me, for all I've done.
Eben Olemaun: They? Who are they?