Frankie Ballenbacher: "Have got it under control."
Susan Hartunian: Have got it under control.

No matter where you go... No matter what you do... I will hunt you down. I will hunt you down and when I find you, I'm gonna cut you open and eat your mother fucking heart!

Jake Mazursky

First you yell at me, and now you're giving me the tears.

Frankie Ballenbacher

I fuck bitches. You're a homo.

Frankie Ballenbacher

Wacky Zacky.

Wanda Haynes

Do me a favor and go have a period!

Frankie Ballenbacher

[returning Zack home drunk] Hey, you wanted him, you got him!

Jake Mazursky


Jake Mazursky

Am I the only fucking person who thinks this is fucking wrong?

Susan Hartunian

My son was murdered over $,1200.

Olivia Mazursky

Dance, bitch!

Frankie Ballenbacher

A drug dealer? No. Did he sell a little weed? Yeah.

Sonny Truelove

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Alpha Dog Quotes

Zack Mazursky: Marco
Julie Beckley: Polo
Zack Mazursky: Marco
Julie Beckley: [breathily] Polo
[they kiss]

Angela Holden: So you're like... ransom.
Julie Beckley: That's hot.
Zack Mazursky: It's ok. Its like another story to tell my grandchildren
Julie Beckley: Stolen boy.