This is a new kind of life form, a new step in evolution.


Chappie: I don't want to die. I want to live.
Ninja: If you want survive Chappie, you must fight!

No. I can't shoot people. Chappie no crimes!

Don't let people take away your potential Chappie.


You've hurt my people!

People are always fearful of something they don't understand.


Don't laugh, I'm being cool.

I'm consciousness. I'm alive. I'm Chappie.

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Chappie Quotes

It's time to pump up the jam!


Don't laugh, I'm being cool.


Chappie Review

Since we first spoke to Sharlto Copley and Neill Blomkamp years ago, it was clear that when it came to passion projects, Chappie was...

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