[after killing Eddie Dane] That son of a bitch! I had a feeling about this son of a bitch! We silence him! And we do the same to Mink this very night!

Johnny Caspar

I told you to put one in his brain, not in his stinkin' face!


You dumpin' Leo for the guy who put a bullet in your brother?

Eddie Dane

Hey Tom, what's the rumpus?


Up is down, black is white.

Eddie Dane

C'mon, Tom. Boss wants to see ya. He didn't have time to engrave nothin' formal.


You understand that if we don't find a stiff out here, we leave a fresh one.

Eddie Dane

That's you all over, Tom. A lie and no heart.


I am gonna send you to a deep, dark place and I am gonna have fun doing it!

Eddie Dane

Close your eyes ladies! I'm comin' in!

Tom Reagan

Don't smart me! See I wanna watch you squirm; I wanna see you sweat a little, and when you smart me... it ruins it.


You ain't got a license to kill bookies and today I ain't sellin' any. So take your flunky and dangle.

Leo O'Bannion

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Miller's Crossing Quotes

Jesus, Tom, I was just speculatin' about a hypothesis. I know I don't know nothin'.


If you want me to keep my mouth shut, it's gonna cost you some dough. I figure a thousand bucks is reasonable, so I want two.

Tom Reagan