Check out these Transformers: Age of Extinction quotes and it's clear that the world is nearing the end.

[to Joshua] What else are you not telling me?

Su Yueming

[to Shane] I'm not leaving my dad!

Tessa Yeager

You're trying to defend your family, that's admirable. I'm trying to defend the nation from alien war.

Harold Attinger

Our world will never truly be safe till all of them are gone.

Harold Attinger

The hunt ends here!

Optimus Prime

Come on, ya old wreck, judgement day.

Cade Yeager

Are we safer on our own, or are we safer with them?

Cade Yeager

I promised your mom before she passed that I'm gonna keep you safe.

Cade Yeager

That was insane! It was cool, but it was insane!


Don't you get it? We don't need you anymore!


[to the Dinobots] Stand with us!

Optimus Prime

You guys have never seen a truck like this before!

Cade Yeager
Transformers: Age of Extinction is the fourth Michael Bay Transformers and by far his biggest -- and stars Mark Wahlberg.

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Transformers: Age of Extinction Quotes

This is not war... it's human extinction!

Optimus Prime

After all we have done, humans are hunting us. But I fear we are all targets now.

Optimus Prime

Transformers: Age of Extinction Review

After raking in over a billion dollars at the international box office, Michael Bay’s Transformers: Age of Extinction has arrived...

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