Do you love me? I mean really love me. Because if you don't... I'll just have to kill you.


David: I like your life.
Sofía: Well, it's mine and you can't have it!

Julie: If I wasn't me, I'd buy my album.
David: You know, if you can reach one person.

Somebody died. It was me.


I'll tell you in another life, when we are both cats.


He never watched television, and yet his biggest magazine is still the TV Digest.


Julie Gianni is your fuck buddy?


Even in my dreams, I'm an idiot who knows he's about to wake up to reality.


Holy God. This is going to change my life in a zillion different ways. I must be nuts.


Don't you know that when you sleep with someone, your body makes a promise whether you do or not.


David: And to what do I owe this pleasure?
Sofía: The pleasure of Sofia Serrano.

Sofía: What about you? What's your nickname?
David: Citizen Dildo.
Sofía: Hmm. You are not staying over.

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Vanilla Sky Quotes

The little things... there's nothing bigger, is there?


David: My father wrote about this in his book. Chapter 1... Page 1... Paragraph 1: What is the answer to 99 out of 100 questions?... Money.