It's easy to get in - it's hard to get out.

Gordon Gekko

Why don't you start calling me Gordon?

Gordon Gekko

There's so much you don't know, Jacob...

Lewis Zabel

He's not who you think he is Jake!

Winnie Gekko

Fuck you, Bretton!

Jacob Moore

Bretton James: I'm afraid the motorcycle ride is going to cost your severance pay.
Jacob Moore: Fuck you, James!

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Wall Street Quotes

The mother of all evil is speculation.

Gordon Gekko

Someone reminded me I once said "Greed is good". Now it seems it's legal. Because everyone is drinking the same Kool Aid.

Gordon Gekko

Wall Street Review

Among the more tragic things to witness in Hollywood is a filmmaker following up a branded classic with a sequel that just doesn't match...

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