Howard Hughes: No, wait! Honey, you can't move! You can't move, you're safe here! You're in the germ-free zone now, y'understand?
Ava Gardner: I'll take my chances.
Howard Hughes: No, no! Honey, wait... wait, uh...
[Ava removes the string barriers from the doorway and walks into the study. She turns on the light, revealing that entire room is covered with used tissues and string barriers everywhere. Silence for a moment]
Ava Gardner: Love what you've done with the place...


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The Aviator
Howard Hughes, Ava Gardner
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The Aviator Quotes

I want ten chocolate chip cookies. Medium chips. None too close to the outside.

Howard Hughes

If you let him testify at that hearing, the whole world will see what he's become. They should remember him for what he was.

Juan Trippe