Champ Kind: I believe in two things: Chicken, and that the census is a way for the UN to make your children gay.

Brick Tamland: Your hair looks like wet popcorn.
Chani: I like the parts of your face that are covered with skin.

I'm so lonely, I paid a hobo to spoon with me.

Ron Burgundy

Glinda: [as the bubbles are flying towards the shield] The shield allows a good-hearted person to pass.
Oz: [Panicking] I'm gonna die!

China Girl: Why don't you just use this?
Finley: It's got a knife.

All it does is take one bite...


Great. Let's go kill ourselves a witch!

China Girl

[to Oz] Can you save my people?


How hard can it be to kill a Wicked Witch?


Oz: Am I dreaming?
Theodora: You're in Oz.

It's like no place I've ever seen.


Oz: [to Theodora] Where's your broom?
Theodora: You don't know much about witches, do you?

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