He got game.

Michael Jordan

[wakes Jim up from his dream by slamming his cane against his desk] Wake up, Mr. Carroll, it's later than you think!

Father McNulty

First, it's a Saturday night thing when you feel cool like a gangster or a rockstar- just something to kill the boredom, you know? They call it a chippie, a small habit. It feels so good, you start doing it on Tuesdays... then Thursdays... then it's got you. Every wise ass punk on the block says it won't happen to them, but it does.

Jim Carroll

I saw this girl next to me who wasn't beautiful until she smiled.

Jim Carroll

Shit happens alright? Shit fucking happens... christ!


Idle time is the devil's play thing

Jim's Mother

[narrating] When I was young, about eight or so, I tried making friends with God by inviting Him to my house to watch the World Series. He never showed.

Jim Carroll

...did I ever tell you about the first time I did heroin?


Who's the whore now?

Diane Moody

Time sure flies when you're young and jerking off.

Jim Carroll

I'll tell you what, if our school was this nice I would go there more than once a week.


You're growing up. And rain sort of remains on the branches of a tree that will someday rule the Earth. And it's good that there is rain. It clears the month of your sorry rainbow expressions, and it clears the streets of the silent armies... so we can dance.

Jim Carroll

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