Winston: Hey Steve, ask me ANY movie.
Steve Barker: Okay, hmm... Jaws.
Winston: That's a good movie.

Goodbye, Hooker Lady!


My name is Lance, and I like nuts!

Steve Barker

I would definitely bring protection.


Glen: I work at Burger King.
Gary: You want fries with that.

Glen: Hi I'm Glen. Guess how many fingers I have?
Gary: Ten.
Glen: No. I have eight and two thumbs.

Give Mr. Steve a Stavi goodbye.


Lynn Sheridan: [to David] Go away, asshole!
Billy: [laughs] Lynn said A hole with S's!

Special Olympics Athlete: You're a faker.
Thomas: A mother-faker!
Steve Barker: Jeffy doesn't understand! Jeffy cocoa for cuckoo pops, uhh... Jeffy...
Special Olympics Athlete: Shut up you stupid a-s-s!

Oh my-lanta!


David Patrick: We stoped off for ice cream.
Winston: When the fuck did we get ice cream?

SCRATCH! SCRAAAAAAAAATCH! Oh my stars of the love of Liza. You scratch my C-D!


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