Incredible; that guy is the Deion Sanders of retards.


Smooth move, Ajax.


Thomas: Should I wear my top up ...
[lifts top up]
Thomas: ... or down?
[pulls top down]
Thomas: Or up!
[pulls top up again]
Thomas: Or possibly... tucked in?
[tucks in top]

You scratched my CD! You picked it up in pure daylight and you scratched it!


[to Lynn in cafeteria] Can I have a hug?

Steve Barker

Can I have a slice of your doody?

Steve Barker

I can count to potato!

Steve Barker

Jeffy just doesn't know what's happening to his body...

Steve Barker

I've seen better acting in a porno.


What? Since when did tard become politically incorrect?


When the fuck did we get ice cream?


Stan: The laws are medieval down here. Do you know what the minimum age for execution is in Alabama?
Bill: What, sixteen?
Stan: Ten!

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