Elgin: Well, tell her she better stay away from David!
Liyah: I'm gonna see him!
Elgin: Do it and see what I do to him.
Liyah: Wait. You know what? You win, okay? So I won't see him. You happy?
Elgin: For sure.
Liyah: I hate you!

This feud is stupid, selfish, and it affects a lot of people!


Your boy is really tripping.


You're just mad... 'cause tonight, you suckas got served!


[on Tully] A little bit of a cunt.


[threatening a Jewish double amputee] Don't you jew me over the price!

Patrick Tully

I already schooled you once tonight homeboy. How many lessons you wanna learn?


Rich Brown: There are only a select few things of mine that are absolutely off limits ai'ight; my toothbrush, my toothpaste, my shaving cream, other than that playboy anything else of mine you're welcome to; Rich Brown?
Rich Brown: Nice to meet you sir

We rep'n thetas, thetas, thetas. We rep'n thetas, thetas thetas. We rep'n ooo ooo ooo BOOM!

Theta Nu Theta Fraternity

Man, give me my damn hat.

Rich Brown

DJ: Gamma Mu? One word: Bitches.

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God, I hate those fuckin' kids

White Bitch

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