I can't sleep any more. It's too much like death.

Cosmo Castorini

[uncomfortable silence at kitchen table] Someone, tell a joke...

Old Man

You have such a head for knowing!


Birds fly to the stars - I guess...

Cosmo Castorini

I ain't no freakin' monument to justice! I lost my hand! I lost my bride! Johnny has his hand! Johnny has his bride! You want me to take my heartache, put it away and forget?

Ronny Cammareri

Pardon me folks. That was just a very attractive mental patient.


Now he's going to play that damn Vicki Carr record, and when he comes to bed he won't touch me.


It took God seven days to create paradise. Let's see if I can do better.

Poison Ivy

I am Nature's arm. Her spirit. Her will. Hell, I am Mother Nature, and the time has come for plants to take back the world so rightfully ours! 'cause it's not nice to fool with Mother Nature.

Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy

Robin: [checking out the Batmobile] I want a car, chicks dig the car.
Batman: This is why Superman works alone.

If I must suffer, humanity will suffer with me.

Mr. Freeze

Ivy: There's just something about an anatomically correct rubber suit that puts fire in a girl's lips.
Batman: Why is it that all the beautiful ones are homicidal maniacs? Is it me?

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