Hallie: I like the little furry things.
Mickey: Ewoks, they blow.

Sydney: Yea? Well, you're forgetting one thing about Billy Loomis.
Mickey: What's that?
Sydney: I fucking killed him!

I'm gonna get some donuts, some Prozac; see if I can find some crack, Special K, X... not Malcom, and I'll be back when y'all start talking about somethin a little more "Saved By The Bell"-ish!


Look, local woman! I know you hold me up as your career template and that it gives you some sort of charge to challenge me, but give it a rest.


I don't know about homicide, but you've definetely got me for raising my voice in a public library.


Hey, you'd better check your conscience at the door sweetie. I'm not here to be loved.


Doesn't my body drive you wild with desire?


Have you got a cigarette? I'm desperate!


Does it really matter so long as you're having fun?


Leave your troubles outside! Life is disappointing? Forget it!

Master of Ceremonies

Don't be so British!


[singing] Oh, Fatherland. Fatherland / Show us the sign / Your children have waited to see / The morning will come when the world is mine / Tomorrow belongs, tomorrow belongs, tomorrow belongs to me!

Hitler Youth

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