Baby got back, front, and side to side!

Three G's

Troy, turn this big motherfucker LEFT!

Nelville Flynn

Some-one get this snake off my ass.

Big Leroy

Great, snakes on crack.

Nelville Flynn

Nelville Flynn: [Pulling out his gun] We're about to open some fucking windows.
Nelville Flynn: All praises to the playstation!

Sean Jones: It's getting hot in here...
Nelville Flynn: I'm from Tennessee, I didn't notice!

Nelville Flynn: How good are you at this game?
Troy: Pretty good. I mean, my brother Randy has the hi-score. Asshole never lets me hear the end of it.

Remember, time is tissue.

Dr. Steven Price

Okay people! We've got to put a barrier between us and the snakes!

Nelville Flynn

Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!

Nelville Flynn

Remember, Remember
The fifth of November,
The gunpowder treason and plot.
I know of no reason
Why the gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.


People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.


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