[after swallowing a bunch of pills] All she's got is Nyquill and fucking Midol!


[looking through the medicine cabinet] How do you live in New York and not have a single percocet?


Why the hell didn't we do that?


Junior: She's coming down to you!
Burnham: Hey I told you, I don't hurt people.

Put him on the phone, bitch!


What the fuck is this? They're not supposed to be here!


This is what I do; if some idiot with a sledgehammer could break in do you really think I'd still have a job?


Meg: Is that Morse Code?
Sarah: No, SOS.
Meg: Where did you learn that?
Sarah: Titanic!

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Meg: This whole thing makes me nervous.
Lydia Lynch: Why?
Meg: Ever read any Poe?
Lydia Lynch: No, but I loved her last album!

[observing the Panic Room, with cameras and a steel door] My room! definitely my room!


I spent the last 12 years of my life building rooms like this specifically to keep out people like us


Meg: [Meg gives a goodnight kiss to Sarah] It's disgusting how much I love you.
Sarah: Tell me about it.

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