Your personality gets in the way of your looks. Your very good looks.


I gotta get back to work on the "tomnion." It's a cross-pollination between a tomato and an onion.


They let me go early! I won 'Most cooperative inmate' four months running.


[to his parol officer] I broke down, I went and smoked with the kid that lives across the street from me.


I was nine, and my parents were killed... in front of me.


You will not see her coming.


Never forget where you came from.

Emilio Restrepo

I will not stop until you feel what I felt at the age of nine.


If you can love your enemy, you already have victory.

Preacher Green

Isn't that what all you girls from Ole Miss major in - professional husband hunting?

Stuart Whitworth

They don't like you 'cause they think you white trash.

Minny Jackson

Courage sometimes skips a generation. Thank you for bringing it back to our family.

Charlotte Phelan

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