Tell them... *men* did this.
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Death should be afraid of us.
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The gods need US! They need our prayers! What do *we* need the gods for?
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You have insulted forces beyond your comprehension...
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I may be off, but I think it's in reference to blowin' a dude.


Lou: "Here's a question: Was it morally wrong for me to exploit my knowledge of the future for personal financial gain? Perhaps. Here's another question: Do I give a f***?"

Lou: "I love you, Jacob!"
Jacob: "F*** you!"
Lou: "Little scamp. They say the damnedest things, man."

Jacob: "Nobody f***s my mother in the past!"
Kelly: "I feel pregnant."
Lou: "You're welcome."

Adam: "Were you just yellin' at your nine-year-old wife?"
Nick: "...Yes."

"I love how much you hate you."

Kelly [to Lou]

Lou: "Who took my f***in' shoe?!"
Jacob: "Blaine apparently beat your shoe off of you, which -- I don't even know how that could f***in' happen."

Lou [shouting from a rooftop to the '80s teenagers below]: "Hey, John Lennon gets shot!...
[To himself:] Wait, did that happen yet?"

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