Feel her, feel her heartbeat, feel her breaths, feel her strong legs.


You have a strong heart; no fear. But stupid, like a child.


My nose is full of his alien smell.


Well, well, well - looks like diplomacy has failed.

Col. Quaritch

Hey, check it out - meals on wheels.


Does anyone see what's wrong with this picture? Where's my cigarette?

Dr. Grace Augustine

Find out what those blue monkeys want.


Colonel, there's a native doing the funky chicken.

Bulldozer Pilot

Jake Sully: I have already chosen. But this female; she must also choose me.
Neytiri: She already has.

One life ends; another begins

Jake Sully

Do as we do, and learn it well. Then we will see if your insanity can be cured


I dreamed I was a soldier who could bring peace. But eventually, you always have to wake up.

Jake Sully

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