Fuck Randy, Fuck Randy, and his high score! That's my own brother and I say Fuck Him!


Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!

Neville Flynn

[while reading a letter] Dear Shelley. Oh my gosh, that's me! Wait there's more!


I hate scumbags. And I like killing people.

Thomas Cowan

Osborne Cox: Give me the CD!
Chad Feldheimer: Give me the money!

[excited] Oh, my God!

Chad Feldheimer

What the fuck...?

Osborne Cox

Well, hello!

Harry Pfarrer

Caroline: [holding her son's dirty hand] Is this chocolate or poop? Is this chocolate or poop?!
Caroline: [licks son's hand and smiles] It's chocolate!
Kate Holbrook: What if that had been poop?!

You're stupid space car locked me in!

Angie Ostrowiski

I think she wants me to rub olive oil on your taint.

Kate Holbrook

Well, you sure are getting an early jump on your baby-proofing! Don't worry about a thing; it shouldn't be a problem for anyone over 7.

Boo-Boo Buster

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