Purgatory is over, you go to hell.

Eleanor "Nell" Vance

You're an optimist, sir. See I had you figured for a grouch.

Chris Burnett

You dont know the FIRST thing about serving your country.

Admiral Reigart

Holy Shit! We're being painted!

Chris Burnett

Let's go get our boy back!

Admiral Reigart

Admiral Reigart: You still got your boots, have you, cowboy?
Chris Burnett: Roger. They were tied on.

Dupree: Everyone's asleep and here's lonely old Dupree wailing away on himself.
Molly Peterson: You weren't wailing away...
Dupree: An animal wouldn't debase himself such!

Carl Peterson: What you did in the bathroom last night was disgusting.
Dupree: I know, I'm never eating buffalo wings again.

I'm throwing seven different kinds of smoke!


So what if he beat you with a candle stick. I bet it happens all the time!


Carl Peterson: Are you in love with my wife?
Dupree: How can you ask me that?

Carl Peterson: [Carl is rubbing Molly's feet] You have the most beautiful toes, have I ever told you that? And I'm not even a foot guy.
Molly Peterson: Are you concentrating on the game? Or are you lusting at the feet of your soon-to-be wife?

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