Come to save little Ms. Muffet, have we? Well, you're too late. A spider came and sat down beside her and frightened Ms. Muffet away!

Chase Collins

I'm going to make you my Wee-yotch!

Chase Collins

Harry Potter can kiss my ass.

Reid Garwin

[looking up at the ship flying away] Goodbye...

Barry Guiler

Ronnie Neary: All right, everybody to bed!
Toby Neary: No, wait! Dad said we could watching The Ten Commandments!
Ronnie Neary: Roy, that movie is four hours long.
Roy Neary: I said they could watch the five commandments.

[at press conference] I saw Bigfoot once! It made a sound that I don't care to hear twice in my life.


[to Roy Neary] I envy you.

Claude Lacombe

That's a 2,500 dollar globe! What are you guys doing?


Hey! This is not your toy to play with every time I turn around!

Ronnie Neary

You can't fool us by agreeing with us.

Roy Neary

Scientist 1: Einstein WAS right!
Team Leader: Einstein was PROBABLY one of them!

Roy Neary: I wanna speak to the man in charge.
David Laughlin: Mr. Lacombe is the highest authority.
Roy Neary: He isn't even an American.

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