MacGruber: Your companion is a very beautiful young woman.
Dieter Von Cunth: Thank you.
MacGruber: I hope you enjoy being date raped, ma'am.
Dieter Von Cunth: This is my daughter.

Dieter Von Cunth: "Have you ever been to DC?"
Guy: "No, sir. I haven't."
Dieter Von Cunth: "I was talking to the missile."

I'm gonna turn Washington DC into a pile of ash.

Dieter Von Cunth

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Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer Picture

Val Kilmer is an actor that has had a very successful career since the 1980s.  Val Kimer made him film debut as the star of the hilarious 1984 Tom Secret!  However, it was his role as Iceman in the legendary Top Gun in 1986 that we'll always remember Val from.

During his impressive career from 1986 on, he's also had starred in Willow, The Doors, Doc Holiday, Tombstone, Batman Forever, The Saint, and Alexendar.

Oh and celebrity gossip magazines had some good laughs at Val Kilmer when he went through a few years as a fatty recently.

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