Plainview: There was that house in Fond Du Lac that Maurice LaConte built- do you remember?
Henry Brands: Mmm.
Plainview: I thought, when I was a boy, that was the most beautiful house I'd ever seen and I wanted it. I wanted to live in it and eat in it and clean it and even as a boy, I wanted to have children... to run around in it.
Henry Brands: You can have anything you like now, Daniel, and you should. Where are you gonna build it?
Plainview: Here, maybe. Near the ocean. Up the coast, away from this smell.
Henry Brands: Would you make it look like that house?
Plainview: I'm sure if I saw that house now it'd make me sick.


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There Will Be Blood
Daniel Plainview
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I'm your brother... from another mother.

Henry Brands

Aren't you a healer, and a vessel for the holy spirit? When are you coming over and make my son hear again? CAN'T YOU DO THAT?