10 Biggest Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Moments

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The wait is over and the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer is here! What impressed us the most, you ask? 

There's a lot that blew us away, not the least of which is that The Force Awakens for both the light and dark sides of the mystical force.

We also noticed that Han Solo is an even better pilot than before! 

Here are the 10 biggest moments in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer! 

1. John Boyega Questions

John Boyega Questions
Is John Boyega on Tatooine? We think yes. Is he a Storm Trooper? We think no. We believe that Boyega has been undercover and he has landed on Tatooine looking for Luke Skywalker and, yes, he looks deathly serious. Something wicked this way is coming.

2. No R2, But Robot Is Awesome

No R2, But Robot Is Awesome
Sure, we don’t get to see R2D2 (or even C3PO). But who is that robot with the circular wheel bottom who is panicked and speeding down the landscape? We don’t know, but we LOVE him (or her).

3. Storm Troopers are Back!

Storm Troopers are Back!
It’s not good. It’s not good at all. But it appears that the Storm Troopers are back. And where are they dropping into like paratroopers of old? That can’t be good.

4. What’s Scared Daisy?

What’s Scared Daisy?
Before speeding off across the landscape, Daisy Ridley looks back in horror. What in the universe could have put that kind of fear in her?

5. X-Wing Fighters Are Back

X-Wing Fighters Are Back
We know they’ve gotten quite an upgrade, but simply seeing a pilot in an X-Wing fighter makes us smile profusely. And then, we get to see them flying along the water? Day. Made.

6. Who Is This Sith?

Who Is This Sith?
Some Sith is wandering through the forest and he or she believes there is a threat.

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