11 Best College Comedies

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There is something fruitful about the college landscape for a movie comedy. But rarely do they work beyond the exploitative nature. 

We present 11 college comedies that truly pass the test and have stood the test of time.

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1. Animal House

Animal House
John Landis truly nailed it with Animal House. Besides bringing John Belushi a role he will forever be connected to, Animal House also set the standard for all the crazy college comedies that were to come.

2. Old School

Old School
The idea of Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn in the same comedy is enough to get us going. But, toss in the storyline of them as "mature" men starting a dysfunctional frat near a college campus and you have graduated to utterly hilarious! "We're streaking!" "Who's we?"

3. Revenge of the Nerds

Revenge of the Nerds
Nerrrrrrds! Yeah, but who gets the last laugh... and the girl(s)? This 1980s college comedy showed that being book smart can serve you well as our favorite geeks go Greek and win the games!

4. Real Genius

Real Genius
Val Kilmer starred in one of his first films in an utterly hilarious send-up of college comedies. Haven't seen this one? Run, don't walk to see Real Genius!

5. Back to School

Back to School
Rodney Dangerfield as an older man who heads back to college? Yes, please! Toss in the fact that the script was from comedy wizard Harold Ramis... and we have a winner. And is that Robert Downey Jr. in an early role? Why yes, yes, it is!

6. Van Wilder

Van Wilder
Ryan Reynolds scored big time in this college comedy from the people at National Lampoon. And it makes us think that Reynolds needs to do more comedies. He has such a knack for it!

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